Mike Riendeau's Art Nuggets

Gross Muggy Floridian Illustration Scraps

Been pixelating old pictures for funsies.

Wormy & Stoopy go to the zoo.
A comic I used to make when I was 8 or so.
If you haven’t played Shovel Knight… how come?
This is one of the bosses, Plague Knight. Probably my favorite design… to be fair, good luck ending up with a design that’s NOT rad when you’re basing it on plague doctors.
I can’t claim to play (or indeed understand) Mahvel, but thanks to IFC Yipes for nonetheless always making it frickin’ HYPE
Brief .gif landscape thingy!

Some .gifs I’ve made of a few of my friends!

And one of Patton Oswalt. Who I think would be my friend. If we talked. We’re both angry tiny people.

"Beaver eating macaroni and cheese."
Repeat these words to yourself if you’re ever bummed out.
You skeletons are a buncha nerds.
At least he’s cordial…