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Before Quarters Were Just For Tolls

I miss arcades. I miss the feeling of putting dollar bills in the change machine and seeing otherwise useless golden tokens spill out. I miss those sucky ticket games that would waste your quarters in vain hope of being able to afford a $20 Wal-Mart miniature disco ball.

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I drew Gerudo Fortress. It’s not 100% accurate, or like… even 80% accurate. But I like desert levels, so whatever.

Been pixelating old pictures for funsies.

Wormy & Stoopy go to the zoo.
A comic I used to make when I was 8 or so.
If you haven’t played Shovel Knight… how come?
This is one of the bosses, Plague Knight. Probably my favorite design… to be fair, good luck ending up with a design that’s NOT rad when you’re basing it on plague doctors.
I can’t claim to play (or indeed understand) Mahvel, but thanks to IFC Yipes for nonetheless always making it frickin’ HYPE
Brief .gif landscape thingy!

Some .gifs I’ve made of a few of my friends!

And one of Patton Oswalt. Who I think would be my friend. If we talked. We’re both angry tiny people.

"Beaver eating macaroni and cheese."
Repeat these words to yourself if you’re ever bummed out.